I am a Christian, that is I believe that Jesus Christ, Son of God, lived a prefect sinless live and died on the cross for my sins. I believe pretty much everything in the bible. If you have any questions, please do reach out, I’d even prefer questions about Jesus over questions about my work, seriously.
However, I want to also state that I’m probably not as how you imagine most Christians. I love God and I love people, no questions asked. If you have any concerns about my Christianity, please do reach out.

Unfortunately, many people have seriously misunderstood Christianity and more specifically Jesus Christ himself. This includes people who call themselves Christians. (You might ask how I know this, simply because Jesus himself says so). In case you wonder, here’s a short overview of what Jesus is really about.

Some people wonder how I can be a Christian and a scientist. Sometimes I wonder how people can be scientists but not Christians, it’s seriously so obvious. While Christianity is not a science in itself (I’d say it’s a relationship) there are certain aspects of science that apply to it, most notably prophecies. However, we can also in our own personal lives experience God directly.