For starters, none of these thoughts are my own, there have been much smarter people, both defending and questioning God’s existence, before me. I don’t think I have actually anything to add to the discussion, except maybe the audience, that is YOU. I simply hope to make these arguments accessible to more people.

One might ask why I, a scientist, believe in things that are outside of the realm of science. That is things that cannot be investigated using the well known methods of science. I want to establish here, that this believe is not a mere possibility, but a most for every rational human. Importantly, this believe is not rooted in the scientific method, but rathe on logic itself. First, we note, that some things exist. Me and you for starters. Second, nothing that exists has ever created itself. As every scientist knows, those papers don’t write themselves.

Turned upside down, if we ever have “nothing”, then we will never ever again have anything. Nothing comes from nothing. But because we now have something, we must always have had something. This something cannot have been created, because then we would need something to create it. Rather, this initial thing is self-existent. Importantly, this thing, whether you believe it to be a thing or a person, must act outside of our understanding of physics. Rather the equations of physics stem from this thing.

So what have we proven? Maybe not too much, simply that there must always have been something. For example, the Bing-Bang as of itself cannot be everything, because you would need something to start create it. That thing could be a Multiverse, or it could be some other in-personal power, or it could be God. Even if it is God, I’ve not at all proven that this is the Christian God. But, that thing that always existed is outside of the reach of our (current) scientific method. You cannot prove or disprove it, it is above and beyond (transcendent). What it exactly is comes down to our belief.